Paradise Valley Unified School District

Please follow instructions below depending on your relationship with PVSchools. Once you have submitted your appropriate email address (see instructions below) in the password retrieval box, you will be sent a link from which you can retrieve your username and password.

You may not retrieve your password. Your parent(s) can view your password when they log into the portal. You may also talk with one of your teachers or your school's front office.

Please enter your email address. Any other email address will not work. If you do not know your PVSchools email or your secondary email that you entered in Infinite Campus, please talk to your supervisor to enter a ticket for you.
If you are part of the new PVSchools Password Management, your new password is not retrievable from this site. Instead, please visit the PVSchools Password Reset site at

Parents, Guardians, and Other Portal Users:
Please enter your email address. Your email address must match the email address the school has on record. If you do not remember which email address you provided to your student's school, or you have not registered an email address with the Paradise Valley Unified School District, please contact your student's school here.

Password Retrieval